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You Owe Me An Orgasm – S7:E7


Chloe Temple has been dumped just a little while ago. She’s already having a hard time with the breakup, but ten minutes later her ex posts some photos of him with another girl! Andi Rose, Chloe’s roommate, is here for Chloe. They’re sitting together in the kitchen when Andi goes to get a soda. She asks if Chloe wants one, but then discovers that she has taken the last one.Andi jokes that since she took the last pop, she owed Chloe an orgasm. Chloe tries to laugh it off, but she quickly learns that Andi isn’t kidding around. Drawing Chloe in for a deep kiss with plenty of tongue, Andi works her way down her roommate’s body before hiking up Chloe’s miniskirt to lap away at that hairy pussy.Reaching up as she keeps her tongue going strong, Andi lifts Chloe’s shirt and squeezes her lover’s titties. Chloe’s hard nipples scrape her palms as she kneads that hot flesh. She can taste how much Chloe likes the touch against her tongue as the blonde begins to cream in earnest. Sliding two fingers in, Andi gives Chloe a pussy fingering that leaves her gasping.The girls are only getting started now. Andi lifts Chloe in her arms to deliver another deep kiss, then lays down on the island and pulls Chloe on top of her. The girls create a lusty lesbian 69 that lets them each lick and fondle the other’s twat. When Chloe takes Andi’s place on her back, Andi climbs on top of her roommie to ride Chloe’s tongue.Now that they’ve both enjoyed some feminine indulgence, the girls exchange one last kiss Cuddling together on the countertop, Chloe admits that she feels better. Why wouldn’t she with such a hot new world of possibilities to explore?

Date: November 4, 2023

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