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Slippery Fingers – S9:E16


A matching bra and thong are the only things between beautiful Naomi Nevena and the self-love session that her body craves, and this blonde bombshell knows exactly what she needs to do.With slow deliberate movements she unclasps her bra and pulls it off, giving her puffy nipples a pinch on the way down. Rubbing her hands over her pussy and ass through her thong, she gradually works that final scrap of material down her legs to reveal all of her sweet tanned skin.After returning her attention briefly to her soft horny breasts and rock hard little nipples, Naomi commits herself to pleasuring her landing strip twat. Sinking down to a crouching position, she starts a slow pussy massage that works her hard clit and gets her pussy juices flowing.As soon as she is nice and damp, she slides her other hand down her lush ass to push two fingers deep into her tight fuck hole from behind. The penetration draws a moan of ecstasy as she lternates between finger fucking herself and running the palm of her hand up and down her clit. Rising to her feet, the blonde lifts one leg high in the air to give herself even easier access to her horny snatch. Her expression is pure bliss as she continues to work her tight twat with her fingers, moving faster and faster as her body’s needs become more demanding.Knowing that she is close, Naomi returns to the floor to finish herself off. Her hips pump in time to her juicy thrusts as she continues working herself towards her orgasm by pounding her pussy with her fingers. Finally she finishes herself off with a clit massage that brings a scream of ecstasy to her lips and covers her twat in creamy juices that are evidence of her lovemaking.

Date: November 4, 2023
Actors: Naomi Nevena

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