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Wet Anticipation – S5:E16


A sensual bath gives Jenny DeLugo the opportunity to lie back and relax, but this sensual beauty is too passionate to remain still for very long. Rubbing her full breasts and snaking a hand down to massage her clit, Jenny brings herself to two quick orgasms as she enjoys the silky feel of the water on her body.As she lays on the chaise lounge in the bathroom drying off after her bath, she is joined by her blonde lover Jasmina. The girls exchange a passionate kiss, and then Jasmina licks and nips her way down Jenny’s body to turn the brunette on all over again.Settling between Jenny’s parted thighs, Jasmina suckles her lover’s sensitive clit and slips two fingers into her shaved pussy. Jenny’s body is still heated from her bath time play, making it easy for Jasmina to bring her to another moan-inducing orgasm.While her body is still shivering with pleasure, Jenny trades places with Jasmina. When she has licked and lubricated her lover’s slick slit with her eager tongue, Jenny urges Jasmina to roll onto her back and spread her legs.Diving in with fast deep thrusts of her fingers, Jenny latches her mouth on to Jasmina’s tender clit and suckles at her most sensitive parts with unrestrained eagerness. Her devoted attention soon pays off as Jasmina gasps and then climaxes with yell of pleasure.Sated, the girls exchange a soul-deep kiss as they stare into each other’s eyes.

Date: November 3, 2023
Actors: Jasmina / Jenny Delugo

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