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Make Up Sex – S4:E3


Freya Parker is cleaning the kitchen as her girlfriend, Hime Marie, wanders out of the bedroom. When Freya asks for help and points out that she’s been cleaning up after Hime and her friends all morning, Hime has the audacity to act surprised. That just pisses Freya off, and the two wind up bickering. From Freya’s perspective, Hime never helps around the house. Hime takes offense to the way Freya is talking to her, telling Freya that she feels like she’s not enough. Freya immediately backtracks and comforts Hime, telling her that it’s going to be okay as she takes Hime’s hand and leads her to the couch.The girls spend a bit more time talking it out and then seal their mutual apology with a hug. Leaning in, Freya captures Hime’s lips in a deep kiss that further expresses how sorry she is. Hime isn’t about to let Freya do all the unspoken apologizing; she squeezes Freya’s nipples through her shirt and then lifts the fabric so she can enjoy full access to her girlfriend’s plump boobs. When Hime leans forward to really go to town licking and sucking Freya’s titties, the position makes it easy for Freya to caress her girlfriend’s ass.Now that Hime is firmly in charge of their engagement, she pushes Freya onto her back on the couch and relieves her of her shorts. Settling between Freya’s thighs, Hime buries her nose in her lover’s muff and goes to work with her magical tongue. She’s thorough in her ministrations, licking and suckling at Freya’s clit and pussy lips until Freya is mewling and squirming in delight.Freya is happy to let Hime have her way with her, but she wants to give Hime the same treatment in return. With her body still humming in delight, she gets to her knees and goes to work on Hime’s hard nipples. Hime is totally game, happily getting onto her hands and knees so that Freya can peel her thong down and take her time exploring her tanned love’s ass and snatch, first with her hands and then with her hot mouth.The girls are thoroughly warmed up to keep their party going as Freya lays down on the couch and pulls Hime on top of her. Turning around as she kneels above Freya’s face, Hime lowers herself into a lesbian 69. The position lets them enjoy each other with slow and deliberate touches. They’re in no hurry as they lap each other’s juices up and spread them all around with their talented fingers.Hime eventually crawls off of Freya and arranges herself so that hse is pussy to pussy with her girlfriend. Her position of power makes it easy to rock her hips and scissor with Freya. The girls can’t get enough of their tribbing, Moving faster and firmer, they keep it up until they have both peaked. Collapsing on top of Freya, Hime seeks out a few extra kisses before cuddling close as they enjoy the afterglow of their makeup sex.

Date: November 3, 2023

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