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Just The Girls – S5:E4


What kind of a man leaves his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day? Lexi Luna, Ryan Reid, and Anna Claire Clouds have all been left to their own devices on the most romantic day of the year thanks to a business trip for all three of their boyfriends. They’ve gotten together to commiserate their bad luck at being on their own.Lexi starts things out right by getting drinks for all three of them. They’re just getting into the middle of their pity party when Ryan’s phone rings. Ryan turns her back to take the call, and Lexi takes that unexpected opportunity to lean in close to Anna Claire and pull her in for a kiss. Dropping her hand low to Anna Claire’s bottom, Lexi lays it on thick and is gratified when Anna Claire’s hands get busy in return. When Ryan returns and finds Lexi and Ryan in a sultry embrace, Lexi wastes no time pulling her other friend in for a three-way kiss and then leading them all to the bedroom.Once Lexi strips out of her dress, the girls learn that she’s rocking some bangin’ lingerie underneath. She keeps Anna Claire and Ryan busy, directing them where to put their mouths and hands for the maximum pleasure for all involved. By the time Anna Claire is naked, she has found herself o her back with Lexi’s mouth making magic in her pussy and Ryan’s tongue flicking at her nipples.Ryan gets the next turn in the middle, with Anna Claire working her breasts and Lexi continuing to make pussy magic with her tongue. Anna Claire is finding it all so hot she can’t help but reach down to masturbate her own pussy. In the meantime, Lexi remains focused on the goal of making Ryan moan long and loud.When it’s finally time for Ryan and Anna Claire to give back to Lexi, they’re oh so eager! Lexi finds herself on her side with Ryan going nuts with her tongue. Anna Claire cuddles in close and runs her own tongue over Lexi’s anus with plenty of hot little dips inside. That paves the way for the girls to create an entire triangle of love where Lexi is munching Ryan’s pussy, Ryan is eating out Anna Claire, and Anna Claire is feasting on Lexi. Finally sated, the girls cuddle in bed and agree no one needs a man for Valentine’s day.

Date: November 3, 2023

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