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Its What Girls Do – S4:E7


Kiere is feeling lonely today, but her girlfriend, Matty, is here to cheer her up. Offering Kiere a hug and then a kiss, Matty lets her lover know she’s here for whatever. Kiere makes her interest in taking things further clear as she rubs her hands all over Matty’s ass as the girls feel each other up.Peeling Matty out of her clothes, Kiere continues to explore every inch of her lover’s soft skin. Matty returns the favor, unveiling Kiere’s magnificent big boobs and lush body. Helping Kiere back onto the windowsill, Matty joins in on some mutual pussy rubbing. When she finds Kiere nice and wet, Matty moves on to slide two fingers deep to really give it to her.Matty isn’t satisfied with just fingering her girlfriend. She drops to her knees and buries her face in Kiere’s slippery pussy. Rubbing her tongue up and down between the meaty folds, she feasts on that lush snatch until Kiere’s hips are twitching.Kiere is feeling much more like herself already, and she’s out to reward Matty for her part in that. She swaps spots with her girlfriend, getting on her knees and going to town lapping at Matty’s shaved twat while Matty guides her with her moans. She even keeps her own party going by reaching back to rub her own twat as she eats Matty’s.Matty gets on her hands and knees so that Kiere can join her on the windowsill and slide two fingers knuckle deep into her eager snatch. Fast flicks of her wrist soon get Matty moaning long. When Kiere brings up her other hand to caress Matty’s clit and caress her tiny titties, Matty gradually reaches her finish line. She finally crosses it when she gets back on her bottom for Kiere to rub her clit fast and furious until her hips are bucking.As soon as she has gotten Matty off, Kiere finds herself back on the windowsill with two of her girlfriend’s fingers buried deep inside her cream filled snatch. Matty is relentless, finger banging Kiere and pulling out temporarily to rub her clit. When Kiere falls apart, Matty makes sure to keep her fingers going through the entirety of her girlfriend’s climax. Hopping to her feet, Kiere thanks Matty for cheering her up with a sweet and sexy kiss.

Date: November 3, 2023
Actors: Kiere / Matty

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