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Couldnt Resist – S1:E7


Tiffany Tatum and Gina Gerson put a lot of effort into keeping themselves fit. When the girls hit the gym together, it’s also a treat because they each get a lovely view. It’s not surprising that by the time they finish with their workouts, they are both overheated and horny as hell.Gina makes the first move, cornering Tiffany where she’s just finishing her sit ups. Leaning forward to deliver a lovely kiss, Gina cups her girlfriend’s face between her hands and holds her firmly in place as she explores Tiffany’s mouth. Their clothes come off in a flurry of excitement, with both girls seeking additional sizzling kisses and taking plenty of time to explore the other’s body with their wandering hands and hot mouths.Easing Gina backwards onto the workout bench, Tiffany settles between her girlfriends thighs. On her knees, she uses her hands to gently keep Gina’s legs parted so that she can lean forward and have that first lovely taste of pussy juices. Hooking her arms around Gina’s lower body, Tiffany eventually pushes harder and deeper to really get her lover moaning in carnal delight.Next it’s Tiffany’s turn to get up on the bench and let Gina make her feel good. On her knees, she leans forward until she’s properly balanced with her butt up in the air. It’s the perfect position for Gina to dive deep with her fingers and tongue. As soon as she Tiffany has exploded with her climax, the girls exchange a deep kiss as they relocate to a more comfortable bench.Curling up together with Gina on her back and Tiffany beside her, they settle in for another round of pussy pleasing fun. Tiffany reignites Gina’s good time by rubbing down her girlfriend’s twat. Then she climbs onto Gina’s face and rocks her hips in an intimate ride.Swapping spots, Tiffany gets on her back with Gina riding her face. Tiffany puts her well-toned muscles to great use as she brings her hips up. The new position lets Gina lean forward and create an athletic lesbian 69 as she feasts on Tiffany’s twat while continuing to rock her own hips. When Gina is finally satisfied with her own orgasms and the knowledge that Tiffany has enjoyed herself equally well, she climbs off so they can enjoy one last lingering kiss in the gym.

Date: November 3, 2023

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