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What We Share – S1:E8


Once upon a time, Jade Baker and Jessie Saint got together for a wild night of passion. A long time has passed and the girls remain friendly with one another. They’re hanging out by the pool one morning in their bikinis, as Jade reminisces about that night and contemplates how much she still wants Jessie. It’s easy to see why. Jessie is smoking hot in her bikini. When the girls head inside to get out of the sun, Jade throws caution to the wind and decides to make her move. Jessie points out that she has a boyfriend, but Jade doesn’t care. She wants what she wants and she’s going to stop at nothing to get it.After sealing the deal with a deep kiss, Jade pulls Jessie into the bedroom. The girls relocate to the bedroom, where Jade makes sure that Jessie is well aware of how deeply she is wanted. She explores Jessie’s lovely body with her hands, bringing Jessie’s nipples to hard peaks, Peeling off her own bra, Jade encourages Jessie to reacquaint herself with Jade’s big boobs, too.Eventually, Jade pushes Jessie back onto the bed. Leaning forward, she slides her tongue up Jessie’s creamy slit. Liking what she tastes, Jade settles in for a lusty pussy feast. She makes sure that Jessie is enjoying herself thoroughly, and then gets to her knees and crawls up Jessie’s body to plant her twat on Jessie’s mouth.Jessie delivers on Jade’s silent request to be eaten out. Hooking her arm around Jade’s thighs, she holds her lady love in place so she can really get in there with her tongue. The position even lets her reach between her thighs and rub her own clit as she’s diddling Jade’s with her lips and tongue. Jessie enjoys herself so thoroughly that she swaps spots with Jade so that Jade can give her the ride of her life.The girls aren’t done with each other quite yet. Jade remains on her back as Jessie collapses forward on top of her, creating a lesbian 69. That leaves both horny babes free to lick, suck, and finger bang one last climax out of the other until they’re finally sated.

Date: November 2, 2023

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