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Memorable – S5:E22


A flirty dinner for two turns into a full-blown make out session as Grace Hartley and Jenna Delugo flirt. Things escalate quickly, and soon the girls have helped each other out of their clothes and Grace has been helped onto the table with her legs spread so that Jenna can feast on the creamy sweetness between her legs. Their meal long forgotten, the girls move into the bedroom to settle in for a proper lovemaking session. Grace helps Jenna to lie down on the bed and relax, dropping kisses all over the upper half of Jenna’s tanned body as her hand works its way down to Jenna’s delectable shaved slit. Grace is able to easily slide two fingers deep into her lover’s tight twat, thrusting hard and fast with quick flicks of her wrist as Jenna moans beneath her.Jenna soon turns the tables on her woman, though, flipping Grace over onto her back and then resuming her interrupted pussy licking. Grace writhes and moans as Jenna keeps constant eye contact and takes her time with long sweeps of her tongue up her lover’s wet pussy. Her cries become even sweeter when Jenna drives two fingers deep inside of her.Both girls are on the edge of climax as Grace sits up and kisses her lover long and hard. Their wish for mutual satisfaction drives them to finish each other off with a 69 that puts each one of their pussies at perfect licking level so that they can bring each other to joyous orgasm.

Date: November 2, 2023

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